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  LOTR Files magazine Volume 2 - Articles
  Posted by: Digz on 05-12-2006 @ 09:13 - Source: [DB[Digz and MoMMa_Dean
This News Item has been viewed 7,072 times
Welcome to the second edition of the lotrfiles magazine the first magazine was a hit but you really have to check this one out!

The April clanwars tournament came to an impressive end, with Eagle grabbing the win and establishing themselves as an undisupted dominant force. Congratulations to NcV for the tough fight, it was fun to watch. The competition for bronze was intense, with DIVA squeaking by to swipe it from under the nose of three clans! Gl next month all!

April Clanwars

1 EAGLE 42,221 pts. 1,231- 412
2 NcV 41,580 pts. 912- 341
3 DivA| 31,058 pts. 882- 405
4 PoW| 30,581 pts. 558- 364
5 WoA 30,511 pts. 565- 297
6 [LNL] 30,441 pts. 700- 219
7 CFD| 30,225 pts. 337- 170
8 bioXar 29,543 pts. 458- 343
9 myC| 29,456 pts. 595- 409
10 SOS| 28,633 pts. 366- 374

1 EAGLE HaLf|ifE|EAGLE| 21,192 pts 323- 64
2 CFD| CFD|z0cker 18,766 pts 277- 87
3 NcV [NcV]Ordos333 18,235 pts 244- 69
4 NcV [NcV]EiGhTBaLL 17,293 pts 288- 116
5 EAGLE iWuB`mE 16,951 pts 300- 68
6 EAGLE Mars|EAGLE| 13,638 pts 153- 28
7 SPHYNX sphynx`wHe4t 13,531 pts 178- 185
8 NcV [NcV]RhInOTaNXx 13,267 pts 223- 81
9 [LNL] [LNL]FreeZZinG 13,182 pts 298- 49
10 DivA| DivA|FireWiRe^ 11,637 pts 270- 73

EAGLE now has claim to a warrior title as well, with HaLf|ifE taking the cup and the nividia 7800 GT home with a very decent lead.

Congratulations to all this month, and good luck to everyone for the May tournament which has juts begun!

Well after that display I feel as though a strategy may sort of change your thoughts about the goblin faction as [DB]Digz is back on there side and is making strats like tea cakes so heres one for the tastebuds we had in earlier this week:

Hey guys I'm back on the Goblin team now as I went on to motw then dwarves then mordor, I basically got bored of them but I now realise the goblins are having problems in patch 1.03 so I'm back. I played a 3v3 today I don't have the replay because it was the easiest match I ever played against 1 dwarf and 2 elves, my ally left at the start and I was elves and goblins, I let my elf side die because I hate elves and don't know how to play with them. I'll explain the goblin side to my 3v3 epic battle. This is how to tackle elves, I have had so many complaints but this is what I did:

Build order:

Goblin cave
Goblin cave
Spider pit

That's it, I was on the outside about to get rushed so I thought I would rush as well. I built my tunnel and goblin cave and spammed goblins, I rushed him I built loads of buildings as this was a noob game and I decided to have fun, it was 4000 money,lol. I got spider riders and took out the first elf guy next to me by goblin spamming, just simply sending them over there and taking down his buildings first then kicking his fortress down. The second had silverthorn, I got drogoth and went to attack my dorgoth got to lvl 6 then died due to silverthorn, so I killed him with goblin spam and spiderling spam, that's it, I used my gobs as cover and used my spiderlings to run over the archers that had silverthorn, I got the powerpoint barbarian people or something and used them to take out the forge so they can't make silverthron any more which was good.

I killed him by simply spamming, lol, then a massive lag and a game.dat error but and easy win, my dwarven ally done well he just got men loads, got custom hero and went to attack and he won.

Just to let you guys know that Digz has posted 2 more strats one for the elves to help them out a bit in this 1.03 patch which has taken so much away form them:


And also he has created a motw strat which he used himself here it is:

To make it simple, it implies a forward barracks or 2, and constant spew of soldiers. Using these soldiers, you harass his base, CRIPPLING his economy, and be free to creep/continue to harass/defend if he managed to get a unit out with the other soldiers.

There are many options to "finish" the game.
1.(Cheapest in $) Do your harassing as normal, but get 4 soldiers (full hp or close) together. Rally call all 4, and move to the fortress. One battalion on each side, so they don't get bogged down. Put them in shield wall formation, and AGGRESSIVE while attacking the fortress. It'll be down in ~30 seconds.

2. Theoden. Same as #1 but theoden acts as a permanent rally call. Also, this is "safer", encase you didn't do a good of a job as you thought harassing, and he has a counter force. Youll rank theoden up and allow for Glorious Charge for some knights to finish it.

2a. If he is putting up a fight, get a stables and a knight or 2 out asap, continue pressing with your soldiers, move in with knights and GC (glorious charge), and take down whatever stands in your path.

3. Get a blacksmith, and get forged blades. This works with 1 and 2 also, RC + blades and their buildings fall like a hot knife through butter.

Archers. They are your MAJOR threat. Focus on the archery range, and other parts of his base. Try to trap the archer if possible with a few battalions of soldiers. If you still cant win, get theoden out. He can trample and provide LD. Make use of Rally call too.

Cavalry. When they trample, make sure ur in defensive stance + shield wall. when they get bogged down, switch to aggressive. Rinse and repeat. Beats Knights, Lancers, and Wargs to some extent. While they are busy trampling, your other soldiers destroy the stables

Just a few tips: As soon as soldiers get out, put in defensive stance. When attacking buildings, shield wall + aggressive. When attacking units, shield wall + guard mode and they serve as tanks. In fact, shield wall + guard/defensive mode > guardian. :O

Build order:
Forward Barrax
*soldier spam*
Continue expanding economy as $ permits (only have 1 soldier queuing at each rax at a time.)
-choose option 1,2, or 3 here-

Power Points:
Rally Call-> Tom-> Rohirrim (extra firepower)
Rally Call->Arrow Volley->Dunedain (pesky archers or infantry bugging you)
Rally Call->Arrow or Tom-> Clouds (stun for the win if needed?)
Rally Call->Heal->Hobbits. Kinda works, they do a lot of damage to buildings. Rally call them with your soldiers. Frodo has fear too

So we see Digz is on a role but Momma dean has been posting effortlessly to get loads of mods in we have at least 7 or more in these two weeks alone here they are:
Modmanager 1.1:


TOW tools:


XCC Mixer:


Ent faction mod:


Fellowship mod:


Icarusís mod:


Boromirís small mod:


Peters mod:


Those are all the mods but the most interesting and what people would like to see is the hero boost mod, it changes your personal heroes stats for example not as much health and things to make them more like other heroes and to be fair most people think create a heroes are just too strong so get it!

This is a patch unlike any other you can finally make your heroes normal and make them realistic instead of no one can kill you, so take it and have a read:

Changes Made:

You will now get a little stats/attribut boost to you're self created heroes,
but to make sure this modification works as it should,
you should re-make all you're heroes.

Thanks for downloading my little modification to BFME2,
I hope you enjoy it, and keep watching out for my new and other BFME2 releases!

Thomas Andre Teige (OoM Gothmog)

Heres the link to the file:


Goblin Strategy again

Digz has made another strat, by getting a replay of someone who he trusts and he managed to find a strategy replay, what happened in the replay was exactly what he said in his strat you should do, weird huh and this replay was taken after the strat so he must have used it what a clever thing to do! Here is the strat Digz posted:

I have made a strat based on a replay I have been trying to make myself by going along by this method but itís hard as you do have to adjust a bit but this is the replay I have been waiting for:
Now heres the build order:

Goblin cave
Goblin cave
Spider lair
Treasure Trove

Well this seems a fairly simple strat to me, simply goblin spam at the start, keep the enemy on his back foot make sure u rush before he does and keep him under pressure! While your doing this keep spamming and sending them over, keep building resource buildings to increase command points and resources.

Then the men you have evolve, when you have built your spider lair and fissure get some units and send them, so your unit development is going along smothly which shows your not just going to spam spam like a noob. You send these units over and keep getting them while getting armour. Then you cand ecide on hereos i mainly use drogoth never any of the others. Upgrade your units and take him out while still spamming units from all unit producing buildings!

You should win if you have a good start and keep him under pressure!

This is the link to the replay:


Now for some new files a map called King of the Hills:

A 5 player classic KING OF THE HILL map meant to have either 4v1 or just a freeforall to control the hill. Command points have been increased for the outside players as well as economy bonuses, player starting on the hill gets EXP bonus. Map is built to be neutral so any faction can play in any spot. As always leave some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and enjoy!

Designed by LoRdViPeR

Here is the link if you want to download this file:


Another map is Trial by Fury a great hero map:

This is the Ultimate in Hero Survival!! I have yet to meet someone who could beat it!! Can you?? You start with one of 4 hero's.. from left to right (spots) Haldir, Elrond, Gandalf,ArAGORN*(All with modified powers.. stronger). You face a multitude of enemies, leading up to a final battle.. all in the hopes of escaping your captor's dungeon alive!!

Some of the enemies you will encounter: Shelob, Goblin King, Nazgul, Wyrm.. and many more surprises!!

Always put a brutal enemy on the far right side!! And, they will get ring powers, but you won't!! *(except heal)

Here is the link if you want to downaload:


We have a surprise as the create a hero mod v2 has come out so were going o publish it this now as well as v1 maybe there was some errors on v1 so here is the link and the description:

My first mod allows you to use your create-a-hero on any of the six factions. This mod incorporates that one, and also allows you to choose one of your custom heroes and use them in the Good and Evil campaigns. Reading through the forum threads, it seems some of you were hoping you could do that.

It is not perfect. The process you need to go through to get your hero into the campaign is longer than I would have liked. However, once you do that, to the best of my knowledge it works fine. If I find the right file to edit, I may be able to add a selection menu at the start of the campaigns. Feel free to modify it yourself - just give me credit if you use it and tell me about it.


Now finally we have heard lots of things about the shadow of angamar well Iíll give you some more info:

Here is the trailer:


Turbine, Inc. has officially started taking Beta player registrations for the highly-anticipated The Lord of the Rings Online(TM): Shadows of Angmar(TM), the first and only massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. To sign up for their chance to be selected for The Lord of the Rings Online(TM) Beta, players should head to http://beta.turbine.com/signup. The Beta Program will launch later this summer.

Please make sure you sign up!

We have some great worldbuilder tips i'm sure you can find them and there a really great help so check it out!

Here is one link for the tip and the map ini:


Well thatís all for these 2 weeks news and files round up I hope you enjoyed the second issue and hope your looking forward as much as we are to all the other issues.

Thanks for reading!

Digz and Momma_Dean

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          Previous News Post 05-12-2006 @ 06:56 - Rise of Rome 2 Update: "Roman Legionary"

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