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  LOTR Files magazine Volume 1 - Magazine
  Posted by: Digz on 05-01-2006 @ 04:02 - Source: [DB[Digz and MoMMa_Dean,
This News Item has been viewed 3,963 times
Welcome to the first edition of LOTR Files magazine where we will look at the best maps, replays, strategies and basically the best files all in all and just in some issues new patches which patch 1.03 will be review in this one. The magazine will be issued every other week.

Replay info setup

To start things off the Replay info setup is a great wonderful utility to have at your disposal. This is great utility you can look at replays and see who is in them and what factions they are and what the teams are! Just get your replay to my documents for ease and open up the file and click on your replay that is saved it's so handy, this is what probably most clanwars cc admin use to see who's who in the replays when you file an AR. Here is the link to look at this file:


Mine rush strategy

The next item on the list will be the dreaded mine rush so many people have tried it and so many people have failed. Here it is to those who have not viewed it.

The famous but hard mine rush so many people try it and so many people fail, I can only brag that I'm one who done it! This is my way of doing it read it carefully:

First this is the Build Order:

Hall of Warriors
Archery Range
Forge Works
Then really whatever after that....

Now I'll explain what you must do but don't be silly and do everything I say adapt to your situation!

Right now first you build a mine near you base as normal then the hall of warriors as normal then while your mine is finished send that builder to the other base but so close on the side somewhere relatively close but not so obvious when he sends his men he can see it. Get your builder back after you built it, get guardian's now, send them through the mine then out through the other and attack. Don't stop making guardians, get phalanx as well just in case, also build mines near your base so your getting resources while you are fighting.

After that early game phase you should hopefully be in control, make sure you get Gloin this is the best time to get him as you are in control hopefully so he can rank up fast, build an archery range now and get some axe-throwers (I prefer these as you don't have to buy a separate upgrade for them like fire arrows it's all forged blades. Then get a mixture of throwers and guardians and phalanx keep sending them through the mine never stop, this keeps the enemy on the back foot so they can't destroy your rush mine.

Now is the time to get your forge works get this and now is the time to get King Dain, when you get your forge works make sure you get upgrades fast but make sure your pumping out units to the mines as well, that's where all these mines come in use! Get the upgrades and keep attacking get Gloin as high rank as you can right now Dain should be about rank 4-5 when you finish your upgrades.

Right if you are still in control get your upgrades on your units and you will have won by now, well if you haven't you will now get some battle wagons and crush them, get all its upgrades and kill them and that should be it!

If you are playing a 2v2 you need your partner to make sure he can hold his own because your not going to be defending, you need him to keep the other player busy the same as 3v3, if it's a 1v1 then your OK.

I have a replay you can use it's of me as I use this mine rush for the first time and I win, I didn't stop getting units and sending them, I got the armour at the right time and the axe-throwers as well. On the other hand I only had phalanxes because I needed to defend myself as the other teams rohirrim kept coming in, I also had so much cash I didn't use which I should have take a look and learn:


The new patch 1.03

Now to the new patch 1.03 so many people have complained about it, on the other hand so many people have rejoiced about it, mordor now the faction to beat and elves to faction to leave. However this is not the case as I was in gamereplays.org at one time and I saw some of their strategist leaving a big board saying bye????. Well there leaving due to “switchernoobs” a new term for those who have left there faction due to change in balance in the new here are the changes for BFME2 patch 1.03:
this is the changes for BFME2 patch 1.03:

Create A Hero
----------------- --
• Other CAHs will no longer taunt stealthed Archer CAHs
• Fell Beasts will no longer attacked disguised CAHs
• Dwarf CAH Sapper ability range increased
• Mousing over a disguised CAH no longer reveals the player’s name
• Recommended Attributes will now reset correctly
• Elendil ability no longer works on Mumakil
• Fixed exploit where units summoned using Call Reinforcements would not disappear if they were healed
• Fixed bug with Elven Archer CAH not attacking certain targets

• All statue and well build costs normalized to 300
• All statue and well build times normalized to 45 seconds
• Dwarf statue requires 50 seconds, and MOTW statue requires 60 seconds

• Men and Dwarf statue health normalized to 1500
• Fortress defenses (boiling oil/magma/etc ) damage increased from 200 to 600
• Fortress artillery expansions no longer override a player- issued bombard command
• Fortresses now take damage if attacked while they are under construction
• Wall segment cost has been reduced from 100 to 50
• Canceling a wall segment now refunds the cost of upgrades that are under construction
• All Farms / Mineshafts / Mallorn Trees / Forge Works normalized to health 2000, experience levels reached at 1500/3000, and level resource multipliers 1.25/1.5
• Fog of War reveal now matches position of all units in porcupine formation
• All Archer Bombard buttons on the Palantir have been moved to the last slot. You can now group select Fighters and Archers and give them their upgrades at the same time.
This fix has NOT been yet made for Elven and MOTW archers

• Harvest Resource ability now works for all selected laborers
• Selecting Summoned Dunedain Allies and pressing E will now also select all Dunedain Rangers built from the Inn
• Units can no longer use unit specific abilities when stunned by Cloud Break
• Fixed bug where units produced from an Inn would become invincible and non- selectable if they were built at the same time an enemy captured the Inn
• Fixed bug where archers were not shifting from bombard to normal attack correctly
• The Summoned Dragon’s Reposition ability has been assigned the hotkey “R”
• The Troll’s Pick up Goblin ability has been assigned to the hotkey “P”
• Fixed bug where summoned units would stay around indefinitely if they were healed
• Fixed exploit with Sauron’s Terrible Fury timer
• Fixed bug where the number that appears when selling off a building was not accurate
• Siege Unit armor against ranged attacks increased; damage taken from ranged heroes reduced from 200% to 5%, damage taken from pierce damage reduced from 25% to 5%

-- ----------
• Gloin cost raised to 2000, respawn cost raised to 1500, damage reduced to 300, Shake Foundation reload time increased from 60 to 180
• Gloin's Shake Foundation now does 50% less damage to fortresses
• Gloin now paths through infantry when targeting special abilities (e.g. slam)
• Gloin’s Slam ability now works against the Mordor fortress
• Fixed responsiveness bug with Gloin’s Slam ability
• Dwarven Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• Battlewagon Pike Upgrade damage reduced from 1000 to 50
• Battlewagon ranged passengers can now fire while battlewagon is moving
• Battlewagon Hearth upgrade will now respawn fallen horde members
• Phalanx units that appear as part of Dain’s Summon Royal Guard ability can now be placed in porcupine formation
• Dwarves can now garrison damaged Citadel
• Delay added to Dwarven Hearth’s auto-heal timer
• Rebuild spell now works on Dwarven Hearth
• Dwarven Mighty Catapult can now be cast on water

• Elven Barracks build time increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
• Elven Tower health reduced to 1500; build time increased to 60 seconds
• Elven Tower garrisoned units now fire from correct point
• Mirror of Galadriel health set to 1000
• Thranduil arrow damage decreased from 200 to 100
• Thranduil now de-stealths when firing on open terrain. If he is near trees, he remains stealthed while firing.
• Using Thranduil’ s Dead Eye ability and giving attack order immediately after will no longer cancel Dead Eye and reset the timer
• Legolas arrow damage decreased from 200 to 150
• Mithlond Sentry pike attack delay reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
• Bombardment ship now has a “Stop Bombardment” button
• Hotkey to build Haldir is now “I”
• Silverthorne Arrow upgrade damage changed (+50% pierce damage, -50% magic damage)

-- ---------
• Spider Rider arrow damaged reduced from 100 to 50
• Shelob damage from magic increased from 25% to 100%
• Shelob damage from pikes increased from 25% to 125%
• Shelob now glows when affected by poison
• Shelob’s Poisoned Stinger and Instill Terror can now be set to auto-cast simultaneously
• Spiderling damage against structures reduced by 50%
• Spiderling Venom Sack upgrade cost reduced from 1000 to 200
• Goblin Fighter poison changed (was 20/second for 5 seconds, now is 4/second for 30 seconds)
• Goblin Tower health reduced to 1500; build time increased to 60 seconds
• Fire Drake now has an attack run
• Goblin Fortress Giant upgrade now has bombard ability
• Drogoth now damages structures on every pass
• Fixed bug where garrisoned Goblin Sentry Tower would ignore player command to attack a new target

Isengar d
• Isengard Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• Berserkers can no longer be buffed
• Sharku can no longer garrison towers
• Ballista minimum range increased from 40 to 100

Men of the West
----------------- -----
• Theoden's Glorious Charge and King's Favor abilities swapped in level (KF now 4 and GC now 6)
• Theoden's Glorious Charge reload increased from 120 seconds to 240 seconds
• MOTW Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• Fixed a bug with Faramir incorrectly switching between sword and bow
• If Gollum is found using the Ivory Tower upgrade, pressing spacebar will jump to his location
• Hotkey to build Boromir is now “I”
• Non-upgraded Trebuchet no longer does double damage versus units

• Haradrim Palace build cost reduced from 500 to 300
• Haradrim Archer damage increased from 38 to 64
• Easterling build cost reduced from 400 to 300
• Easterling build time reduced from 45 to 25
• Easterling pike attack delay reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
• Mordor Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• The Bloodthirst ability now gives orcs full experience points
• Players can no longer counter Mouth of Sauron’s Dissent ability by ordering their units to attack another target
• Units under the effect of the Mouth of Sauron’s Dissent ability can now be ordered to attack their own resource structures
• Orc Laborer now affected by Nazgul Screech
• Orc Laborer now receives Leadership Buff
• Orc Warriors will no longer attempt to garrison the siege tower. They can only enter the tower once it’s attached to the wall.
• Black Riders will no longer use Morgul Blade against already dead units
• Fell Beasts now damage structures on every pass

That’s the changes for the new patch read it carefully and look to see what strengths and weaknesses your faction has. Now you see why so many people have changed I mean the elves have been crippled and mordor buffed completely.

2v2 Mine rush replay

Well now we have the replay of the week, it’s a map pack featuring me [DB]Digz, well there should be 2 replay of the weeks actually as my other replay the 2v2 mine rush replay was too good, it was perfect mine rush and they didn’t take it down either take a look my mine rush replay:


3v3 Replay pck [DB]Digz

Now, here is my 3v3 replay pack, it’s great surprisingly there all wins, but this is showing that other factions are still good other than mordor, I am mordor in two of the replays to test them out then I am men of the west look and see:


Samurai's ultimate mod

Now we go to the mod of the week well there has only been one mod so we are lacking in mods if anyone does do mods please send them in. But this mod is good I must admit it’s by Samurai and I the mod is called: Samurai’s Ultimate Mod v 1.1 get it here:


Here are all the details you need to know for it:

• Now compatible with the 1.03 patch for BFME2! Note that while the patches other changes, such as AI and additional maps, will be active, any balance changes made to the ini.big file will not show up.

• Fixed the upgrade cost of the Dwarven Barracks (it had been using the Build Cost of 400 instead of the proper upgrade cost of 500.)

• Thanks to a note from a player, I found that the wall arrow tower and wall trebuchet were changing their armor type when upgraded, from “wall” to “structure”. For several reasons, it was easier to adjust the armor and cost of the walls than it was to reclassify these buildings as “walls”. What this means is that walls are now significantly less armored (and thus easier to destroy) than in version 1.0, so I took a cue from the 1.03 patch and reduced the cost of walls to compensate.

• The Corsair firebombs are a bit faster firing and hit more often than before.

Version 1.0:

This is a mod is a complete rebalancing of the game. Nearly every unit and building has undergone some changes. There is not enough time or space to list everything, but some of the more significant changes include:

1) It greatly strengthens all walls and buildings by increasing their armor approximately x5 vs. most weapons (a bit more against bows) and approximately x4 vs. siege weapons. This gives you time to get to a farm that is under attack and defend it, if the attacking group is not too large. Note that due to various changes in damage and armor, buildings are slightly weaker than they were in Samurai’s Wall Mod v1.0, but still far stronger than in the original game. If you want to destroy buildings, siege weapons are by far the best at it, followed by fire or magic (including melee heroes and upgraded archers). Swordsmen are best among regular units, then cavalry or pikemen, and finally non-upgraded archers, in that order.

2) It slightly (+10%) increases the non-upgraded armor of most units. I felt that the armor upgrade was just too big an improvement, making it practically a necessity, especially against upgraded weapons. This is not going to make a huge difference, but it might help a bit.

3) It incorporates the Elven Guard mod by Steve Shepherd (AKA Gholin). In his readme, he said people could use his mod if they gave him credit, and I enjoyed it so much, I’ve done so here. His original readme is included in this zipfolder as well, so you can see what he contributed.

4) I’ve included Troll Buddy’s Monster and Banner Regen mod, with his kind permission. His original Readme is included in the zipfolder. 2nd level units with a Banner carrier will regenerate health when they are not in combat, as will all monsters (Trolls, Giants, Mumakil, etc). The rate of regeneration is slower than it would be if they were next to a healing well or hearth, meaning those are still useful.

5) The bonus damage for most upgraded weapons is now 10 + ½ the base damage (for infantry and cavalry) or +60% for siege weapons, rather than between +100% to +150% of the base damage (it varied from unit to unit). For weaker units, this will typically almost double their damage, while it may be as little as 65% or 70% for more powerful units. This makes the forged blades and fire arrow/Silverthorn arrow upgrades somewhat less dominating than they were.

6) The health, damage, and cost of many units were adjusted, always with an eye toward balance and creating or preserving the unit’s niche. For example, Orks and Goblin swordsmen were made tougher and more expensive, Mirkwood Archers were toned down a bit and made available after the 1st Barracks upgrade, and many heroes have had their stats adjusted. I feel every race is now closely matched and viable, though certainly not identical.

Go to your Battle for Middle Earth 2 folder.

Find your ini file and either move it to another place (up one level to your Electronic Arts folder is good) or rename it.

Move the new Monster and Banner Regen file included in this zipfolder to the Battle for Middle Earth 2 folder.

Play the game!

In order to return to an unaltered game, just swap the files again.

Please send any questions or comments to tommiskey@hotmail.com. This mod has been tested only in single player skirmish mode by me, and I make no guarantees as to if or how well it works in other modes. The change in buildings’ longevity is great and may not be to everyone’s liking. Try at your own risk, but BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR UNALTERED INI FILE SO YOU CAN SWAP BACK AGAIN! Otherwise you’ll need to reinstall the game to go back to an unaltered version.

Castle of Dale Map

Ok so now it’s time for the best map so far, the best map so far has to be the castle of dale map here's the details of my opinion of the map:

The map is great you have protection a gate and walls and that’s it, build your army and fight it’s a controlled fight you must think strategically as it’s a 2v1 situation.
Here’s the link for it:


HW campaign map pack

Now for the map pack HW campaign map pack is great it’s features are beyond our control markamster has done a great job by getting these maps and putting them our site for people to play these maps on skirmish. Here’s the link for it:


Collectors edition map pack

But overall it must be the collectors edition maps, who wants to pay more when you get 4 or 5 more maps when you can get the maps here, the collectors edition maps are great and very realistic here is the link for it:


Myth: Elvenstar mod

Now some good news some very good news I have heard this from my contacts that the creators of the elvenstar mod have decided to continue creating patches for BFME2 so there may and I emphasise may be a elvenstar mod for BFME2 and that will eagerly be anticipated, I have not posted this due to the fact that this is probably just a myth going around but we all hope that they do create it because the last one for BFME1 was just brilliant.

A new poll

We also have a new poll if you would like to take part init please do so it’s about the patch 1.03 so please take part.

Thank you for reading our first LOTR Files magazine there will be a new magazine every 2 weeks so make sure you read it, it will give you the latest and best strategies, maps, mods and latest news.

Digz and MoMMa_Dean

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 #1 - 05-01-2006 at 08:46
Pro-Filer (Staff)
From: (Amsterdam)
Joined: March 2nd, 2001
Posts: 2724
Very nice, excellent job!

 #2 - 05-01-2006 at 13:51
Joined: January 26th, 2006
Posts: 192
brilliant Idea! good Job!

 #3 - 05-02-2006 at 09:47
Digz (Staff)
From: (London)
Joined: March 26th, 2006
Posts: 1090
Thanks guys it's good to know that people like it! The next issue wil be in 2 weeks time and that's going to be even better coz me and MoMMa_Dean
are on it!

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